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More and more, athletes, and in particular runners, have begun using compression socks to increase their performance during a run and after runs to reduce muscle fatigue. I am not 100% certain as to how the science behind it works, but I do know that the compression wear allows for an increase in circulation.

Now, people might be wondering why I have decided to write a blog about this, and while it may seem evident that as an ambassador, I am encouraged to promote the product, I thought I would share with people how I use compression gear around my training and sport.

My use of compression gear is very limited and is only worn during specific times. I am not an athlete that competes in compression gear, but I do rely on it for my recovery and travel times. I tend to put on compression socks or compression tights (CEP Clone) after long or intensive workouts. The idea behind this, as mentioned before, is to allow for the increase in circulation of the blood in the legs. In essence, this allows the legs to recover much faster. Most athletes use this type of recovery tactic in addition to other measures such as warming down after sessions, dipping in an ice bath, eating recovery meals, etc. The idea of wearing compression gear is simply to enhance and add to the recovery period to ensure that one is at an optimal level for the next session, whether it is later that day or the next day.

The compression gear is also commonly worn while traveling. I have made it a habit to put on either compression socks or compression tights while traveling to once again promote increased blood flow in the legs and feet, avoiding the typical swelling that occurs. In most instances, as athletes, our travels tend to be close to days when we compete, so ensuring that our legs are at an optimal stage as soon as possible is always the goal.

So, how does this translate to a person interested in this? Like most things related to sport, it is all about testing things out. By no means am I saying that every athlete or person who exercises should wear compression gear, but I do think that there are some benefits to wearing such gear, much like wearing the appropriate running shoes. Ultimately, it comes down to each individual figuring out what works best for them.

As for me, compression gear, particularly CEP compression socks and Clone tights, provide me with a very important and necessary step in my recovery phase.




We are proud to announce our roster for Team CEP Canada 2013!
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Canadian Dealers Carrying Maple Leaf CEP Compression Socks

The Winning Canada CEP Compression Sock. Hit a Dealer Near You!

The Canada CEP Compression Socks are about to hit a store near you!

The Running Room will have them in stock for July 1 and the rest of our dealer partners will have them in time for the London 2012 Olympics (roughly July 25th)!

These are the stores that will carry either the sock, sleeve or both:

Running Room

British Columbia
Runners’ Den

Gord’s Running
Speed Theory
Tri It Multisport
Walk, Run and More

Sideline Athletics

Stride Ahead Sports

Running Free
The Runner’s Shop

Le Coureur

And the Winner Is…

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Canada Day compression sock design selection process. The response on the CEP Compression Canada Facebook fan page was fantastic!

Without further adieu, the winning design was…. D!

Here is how the voting shook out for you fellow stats geeks :)

D: 74 votes (45.7%)
B: 62 votes (38.3%)
A: 14 votes (8.4%)
C: 12 votes (7.4%)

Every comment on our Facebook post was entered to win their very own pair of our new Canada Day compression socks. Congratulations to…

John Cranfield

John, please contact us to get us your details so we can get you the socks! Thanks again everyone and stay tuned for a list of dealers across the country that will be carrying the new socks!

We Cloned Olympic Gold Medallist Christine Nesbitt!

CEP Compression Canada’s Chris Jones doing one of the 41 points of measurement to get Olympic Gold Medallist speed skater Christine Nesbitt fitted for a pair of CEP Clones

CEP Athlete and Olympic Gold Medallist speed skater Christine Nesbitt came by the CEP Compression Canada offices last week to get fitted for her pair of CEP Clone compression tights.

CEP Clones functionally assist in regenerating legs with oxygen & nutrients while penetrating deep veins that flush out lactic acid and waste. The graduated medical grade compression, made by medi, increases circulation which heightens recovery for maximum benefit.

When to wear CEP Clones?

  • For at least 3-4 hours after your activity
  • On the plane to prevent a DVT and assist in blood flow
  • At night while you sleep
  • Under your jeans or pants

Check out out CEP Clone page for more details.

An Announcement from CEP’s Canadian Distributor, Entrix Sports

A note from Entrix Sports President, Chris Jones:

It is official, Entrix Sports, the Canadian Distributor for CEP Compression will be dropping the prices of the CEP Compression Socks and Sleeves in Canada!

Due to the strength of the CEP Compression brand in Canada, it allowed us to negotiate better prices for the Canadian customer. This has resulted in significantly better pricing on both the CEP compression socks and sleeves. Ultimately, it is just the right thing to do, long term for this brand. Canada, like other countries, has really taken to the CEP products due to the exceptional performance and quality. As sales increase, our costs get better and we believe passing on these savings to the customer will ultimately allow more people to enjoy the benefits of CEP compression.

Some retailers across Canada have already made the change and others will be making the adjustment as their inventory changes over. At Entrix Sports, we LOVE bringing the elite products of the world to Canadians. A higher cost is attached to those items but when possible, it is nice to be able to bring that cost down a bit. Thank you to our ever-growing loyal customer base, it is your passion for the CEP products that helped make this possible!

Yours in performance,

Chris Jones
Entrix Sports

Follow Chris on Twitter @keepupwithcj