Follow Canadian Marathoner Reid Coolsaet During His 2012 Kenyan Training Camp

The famous Kamariny Track in Iten, Kenya | Photo Credit: Reid Coolsaet

In CEP Canada athlete Reid Coolsaet’s year in review for 2011 he mentioned that he was less interested in looking back and more interested in looking forward. One of the big reasons for that was a training camp in Kenya planned for the beginning of 2012.

Reid has been documenting his African journey and sharing his adventures with tweets, blog posts and a great photo journal on his Tumblr.

Reid has been sharing what it has been like training with some of Kenya’s top runners as well as other Europeans who are training there, such as Paula Radcliffe, Mo Farah, Hanna England, and Helen Clitheroe. Educating his readers with a little Swahili here and there, Reid documents things like torture massage sessions, 3 a day runs, people who only wear boxers to breakfast and, well…we’ll just let Reid tell you.

In addition to his writings, Reid has had a videographer in Kenya with him filming his training sessions as part of an upcoming documentary about his road to the London 2012 Olympics.

All the best Reid and keep us posted!

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