Guest Blog Post | CanoeKayaker Adam Tenwolde Talks About Using CEP Compression Gear

Sprint Kayaker Adam Tenwolde |

I was first introduced to compression gear by one of the Canadian National team CanoeKayak coaches a few weeks before we were headed to Europe in 2010. I was told that compression socks help keep swelling down of your feet and ankles during long flights. I decided to give it a shot, as I am willing to give anything a chance if it’s supposed to enhance aspects of being an athlete (recovery, training, nutrition, etc). Sure enough, I had no swelling in my lower legs after the long flight, and I didn’t have the heavy, cramped leg feeling after I got off.

After we got home from Europe I looked into compression gear more on the internet and realized it was a very fast growing market in sports technology. So I decided to buy myself some more CEP Compression Canada gear and start experimenting with my training and recovery in addition to flying.

I have now been wearing compression gear for just under two years now. I have noticed the biggest difference with my recovery time. I mostly use my compression gear for after my workouts to assist in my recovery, but I also like to wear my CEP compression socks for 30-45 minutes before a running or cross country ski workout. After a hard workout I will put my compression gear on while I stretch, I will generally leave them on for an hour or two. I have recently started wearing my CEP compression socks before and after cold tub treatments, and occasionally will wear them during an afternoon nap in between workouts.

I have never been the best of runners, and running always puts a toll on my body. I will continue to wear my CEP compression gear to assist with my recovery so I can be ready for my next workout. I look forward to trying out different CEP compression garments in the near future.

Are you an athlete? How do you use your CEP compression gear and what have you noticed it has helped with?

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