An Announcement from CEP’s Canadian Distributor, Entrix Sports

A note from Entrix Sports President, Chris Jones:

It is official, Entrix Sports, the Canadian Distributor for CEP Compression will be dropping the prices of the CEP Compression Socks and Sleeves in Canada!

Due to the strength of the CEP Compression brand in Canada, it allowed us to negotiate better prices for the Canadian customer. This has resulted in significantly better pricing on both the CEP compression socks and sleeves. Ultimately, it is just the right thing to do, long term for this brand. Canada, like other countries, has really taken to the CEP products due to the exceptional performance and quality. As sales increase, our costs get better and we believe passing on these savings to the customer will ultimately allow more people to enjoy the benefits of CEP compression.

Some retailers across Canada have already made the change and others will be making the adjustment as their inventory changes over. At Entrix Sports, we LOVE bringing the elite products of the world to Canadians. A higher cost is attached to those items but when possible, it is nice to be able to bring that cost down a bit. Thank you to our ever-growing loyal customer base, it is your passion for the CEP products that helped make this possible!

Yours in performance,

Chris Jones
Entrix Sports

Follow Chris on Twitter @keepupwithcj

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