Entrix Sports was founded in 1995 to “Create Positive Change for Athletes through Innovation.” In the beginning, the Entrix founder invented a super grip football glove for receivers. Today, Entrix Sports has evolved into a Canadian distributor focused on finding amazing products/companies and making them accessible to Canadians. CEP is definitely one of those “amazing” products with a great company behind it. As athletes, we fill in love with CEP and it is our mission to bring this WOW product to the rest of Canada.


CEP compression sportswear contains a one-of-a-kind level of compression expertise: six decades of research and development on the effects of compression are integrated into every CEP product. This advanced stitching technology “made by medi”, the specialists in medical compression, allows the compression thread to be precisely incorporated into the circular knitted material.

The result:
A physiologically perfect compression profile for greater performance, longer endurance and faster recovery.

Regardless if you’re wearing CEP before, during or after exercise our products are your perfect partner for maximizing performance and recovery.


Our compression levels are medically tuned for maximum performance. We measure calf circumference to ensure proper compression. The compression on the calf is lower to effectively target the arteries and allow proper blood flow back to the heart, while compression in the ankle penetrates deep veins to push blood back to the heart. Plus, our socks are anatomically correct with left and right feet.


Competitor products lack proper compression design. They may say socks are “graduated,” but when you put them on the compression is great in the calf than the ankle. Think about that: if the socks squeeze tighter at the calf then the socks will promote blood flow toward the ankle rather than the heart. This can hinder performance, recovery and in some cases cause more harm than good. Other products measure by shoe size or simply are not made using any anatomical measurements and designs. The result can be compression designs that are the opposite of what they should be or compression that is not tight enough to help you.

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