CEP Arm Coolers

Price: $34.99

CEP Arm Coolers are a non-compressive arm sleeve designed to protect the athlete from the harmful effects of the sun during endurance training and racing. UPF 50+ sun protection comes from the high-density knit structure and UV absorbing yarn. CEP Cool-Cell technology reacts with sweat or water to reduce skin temperature by up to 6 degrees, keeping your skin temperatures low and reducing fatigue.

See our Technology section to read more on Temperature Regulation, Injury Reduction and Compression 101.


  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Hyper dry wicking fabric
  • Cool-cell moisture activated skin cooling technology
  • Comfortable elastic bicep cuff
Runners, triathletes, cyclists and outdoor

Available in: white

90% nylon, 10% spandex
** materials are latex-free


Every muscle cell needs energy in the form of oxygen. This is transported to the muscles via the blood. The better the blood flow in the arteries, the better the muscles are supplied – and precisely this supply can be positively influenced by compression.But, not all types of compression are the same.

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