CEP Compression Leg Sleeves

Price: $49.99

The CEP Running Compression Sleeves combine a perfect blend of performance-enhancing compression guaranteeing improved oxygen supply to the calf muscles, faster resorption of lactic acid, better performance and accelerated regeneration. Ligaments and joints receive additional support from the support fit. Muscle vibration is reduced to a minimum.

See our Technology section to read more on Temperature Regulation, Injury Reduction and Compression 101.


  • More energy, stamina and performance
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Preventive function
  • Muscle and joint stabilization
  • Improved coordination
  • Alleviate shin splints
  • Reduce muscle trauma

*Sleeves should only be worn during activity to prevent swelling in the feet.

Graduated medi compression, soft zone, comfortable band, odor-reducing silver ions, anatomical fit, breathable, moisture management

Runners and athletes over short and medium distances, all ball sports

Available in: white, black, pink, green, red, blue

79% nylon, 21% spandex
** materials are latex-free


Shin Splints:
Reduces vibration, increases oxygen and promotes healing.

Calf Cramps:
Increases oxygen to optimize muscles, removes lactic acid.

Achilles Issues:
Increases oxygen to the Achilles; padding prevents damage.

Pulled Muscles:
Increases blood flow to increase warmth in the muscles.


Every muscle cell needs energy in the form of oxygen. This is transported to the muscles via the blood. The better the blood flow in the arteries, the better the muscles are supplied – and precisely this supply can be positively influenced by compression.

But, not all types of compression are the same.

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